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Pau Business School - Master's Programme

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Prepare a CF file + registration on Pastel

The Platform Etudes en France is an official program of the Ministry of Foreign and European French Affairs which is used for electronic processing of students’ files.

It allows the students to manage the whole process online (completing an application form, enrolment for a test of the French language, choice of time of the interview, etc.). It also has a messaging service that allows students to ask Campus France any question.

1. Create an account (« personal information » section)

enter the number corresponding to your ID document and provide your contact details. Submit a photo and a scanned copy of your ID document.

Once you have created your account, you will be able to log in and go on with completing of your file.

Important: if you wish to receive messages with the information on the progress of your file at your personal email address, please mark the box “I accept to receive at my personal email address any information relating to my files”.

2. Complete your file:

describe your educational background and/or your professional experience. Explicit your project and your motivations. Submit supporting documents.

Stage – choose your education preferences

In the menu “I am candidate” (students for the case n°1).

Pay attention to the prerequisites specified in the fact sheets on the training courses. Check that the course matches well your expectations.

In the menu “I am accepted” (students in cases n°2 and n°3)

Please, fill in the proper fields the name of the institution that hosts you in France, the exchange program and the name of the course. If you cannot find it in the list, choose “OTHER”.

3. Send your file

When you click on « I submit my file » you file will become visible to the Campus France staff. You will no longer be able to modify it. A Campus France member will check your file, help you to enroll for a test of the French language (if needed) and will invite you to an individual interview.

4. Handling fee

You will be asked to pay the handling fee before your interview. Some candidates are exempt from paying fees. You will find this information from your CF account in the internet.

5. See the answers from the institutions you have applied to

Those French institutions that you have applied to will see examine your file via the platform Etudes en France. Log in regularly to see their answers. Some institutions may require you to do some additional steps (competitions, enrolment to an on-sight interview or an interview on another internet site). Pay attention to the information set in the fact sheets on the training courses and in the institutions’ messages.

6. Download the certificate “Etudes en France”

All the candidates accepted in a French institution or via an exchange program will be able to download a certificate of admission “Etudes en France” when they have finished the procedure. This certificate is one of the documents that should be presented to apply for a visa.

Candidates who will receive several positive answers from different institutions should choose one training course in order to be able to download their certificates.

7. Request for a student’s visa

Students apply for a visa at the visas application center (consulate or contractors).

Once your application has been accepted, we will send you an acceptance letter and your proof of residence.

20 hours of work a week